Carl Wharton
Actor & Director
Welcome to the acting part of Carls Website.

Carl has been working in theatre, film and television for over 35 years and continues to learn and develop his craft.

He recently signed with Audere Talent Management one of the fastest growing agencies in the UK and this move is already paying dividends.

2020 will see Carl working more on the international circuit with several US projects already listed on imdb.
Carl will be also moving more into television this coming year and we can expect to see him throughout various Soaps and Dramas.

He is also branching in more work as a voice actor and vo artist.

Carl hopes to continue his work in the US following on from such projects as 'The Good, the Bad and the Beauty' and 'The Beginning, Feel the Dead' where he plays Doctor Chris.

Last year, Carl was interviewed for Indie Activity, an online publication covering film news, reviews, festivals and filmmaking. Read the interview with Carl HERE

Phone: 020 7971 1340